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full grain leather manufacturers

leFather is much more than just a manufacturing supplier of leather accessories. Our team helps you through every step of developing custom products and during private labeling, providing technical feedback with material recommendations and sometimes even marketing ideas on how to more easily promote your products to your customers.

Production & RD Activities


It is a company experienced in the production of leather accessories for decades, with its family tradition in its past.

Our strength in the production line comes to the fore in terms of affordable labor costs and quality, as we work directly with tanneries in Bolu and Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

The LeFather company should be seen as more than a manufacturing partner for our B2B customers.

It offers flexible solutions at every step of leather accessory product development, such as special buckles, supplying metal parts for leather products or searching for vegan alternative materials for leather products.

Moreover, our company aims to provide you with all the essential promotional products such as fabric bags, labeling, strong cardboard boxes or any other special promotional materials needed to procure final marketing ready leather accessories from our reliable suppliers.

Our company is proud to state that its main field of activity is more than producing leather accessory collections and supplying promotional materials required for the packaging of these products, and our organizational structure is also suitable for being a solution partner in logistics.

In addition to organizing logistics to your warehouse under DDP conditions, we can make flexible offers to our customers by offering EXW goods for pickup from our workshop.

As a result, in your wholesale orders produced with leFather, you do not have to deal with packaging and logistics, customs, etc. along with the supply of der products, which is our main business. We become your solution partner in all matters and you can easily complete your wholesale orders on your computer with the assurance and capability of leFather.

In the field of leather accessories, which we have experienced for years in Bolu, the heart of the Turkish leather industry, our idea has always been to strive to offer more by experiencing new products, models and leather materials. Today, there are certain requirements to adapt to changes in the leather industry. That's why leFather, our B2B suppliers, ensures that we produce products together with designers with a global reputation.

Our team participates in leather trade fairs, industry conferences, online, and also carries out studies on testing and planning the production of branded products in our workshops as an R&D activity.

Acting with the vision of being one of the best and most reliable solution-oriented leather accessory suppliers in the wholesale business, LeFather company operates with the aim of developing long-term business partnerships with a win-win focus by adopting the philosophy of people first.

leFather Genuine Leather™

Discover the leFather production approach!

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LeFather company ensures to craft accessories with genuine leather materials composed of top and full grain of leather from reliable tanneries of our partners over decades. 


Leather industry has come to a new era in terms of tanning raw hide of leather with both chrome and semi vegetal methods therefore leFather ensures to fully compensate its sourcing needs from those partners who have excelled that technology of process the leather.


full grain leather manufacturers

leFather Vegan™


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leather vegan

LeFather company has to be considered more than a manufacturing partner for our B2B clients.We are flexible in every step of leather accessories product developing such as sourcing special buckles , metal parts for leather goods or looking for alternative materials to combine the leather with as vegan material or cotton parts.Additionally ,our company aims to provide you all the essential promotional items with our reliable suppliers such as fabric pouches , labelling , strong carton boxes or any other special promoting material needed.


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vegan leather goods

leFather Vegan™, In order to ensure the sustainability of our working structure, the leather products we offer have a long lifespan that do not require recycling.

Since these leather materials have a completely natural and living structure, they should definitely be considered as nature-friendly products.


Environmentally friendly, sustainable products that we produce from the only olive-based new generation material in the world, using waste material from the olive industry.


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